Our Mining


Inside Cheal Opal's Mining Operations
At Cheal Opal, our connection to the land runs as deep as the opal seams beneath Lightning Ridge, the legendary source of the world's most captivating opals. Our approach to mining these gems combines age-old techniques with modern practices, reflecting our deep respect for both the gemstone and its natural environment.
The Intimacy of Underground Mining
Underground mining is where tradition meets tenacity. We delve into the earth through narrow shafts, tracing the elusive paths of opal veins deep within the dark. This method is a testament to the miner’s skill and patience, as they carefully extract each opal by hand, preserving its integrity and the stories it holds within. It’s a personal, almost sacred process, where each flicker of color uncovered is a heartbeat of history coming to light.
The Broad Strokes of Open Cut Mining
Contrasting the precision of our underground efforts, open cut mining allows us to operate on a grander scale. Here, we peel back layers of the earth, revealing opal beds hidden from the reach of traditional methods. This technique not only increases our ability to recover larger quantities of opals but also reduces the environmental impact of digging numerous small shafts. With the open expanse of the mining site, our team can efficiently locate and collect opal, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.
Commitment to Sustainability
Sustainability is woven into every step of our mining process. Whether reclaiming land post-extraction in open cut sites or maintaining the delicate balance of underground ecosystems, our practices are designed to protect Lightning Ridge’s natural heritage. We mine with a conscience, knowing that our operations should not just preserve but enhance the environment for future generations.
A Legacy Cast in Opal
Each opal from Cheal Opal carries more than just aesthetic value; it embodies the spirit of Lightning Ridge and the enduring allure of nature’s artistry. Through our dual mining techniques, we ensure that every piece we unearth has a story worth telling—a celebration of beauty, history, and craftsmanship.
Join us on this remarkable journey at Cheal Opal, where every gem we discover is a piece of the past, polished to perfection and ready to start a new chapter with those who cherish it. As we continue to dig deep and cut cleanly, we invite you to share in the legacy and the adventure of bringing these ancient treasures to light.