Packaging & Delivery




Opening a Cheal Opal box is the beginning of a luxurious tale. Each package, a soft touch of elegance with our signature crest, unfolds like a narrative, heightening the anticipation for the opal treasure within. 

Crafted with care, your opal is encased in our sturdy, elegant wooden jewellery box, made with beautiful Italian leather, ensuring it arrives in your hands as perfect as it left ours—a treasure secured for its journey and your peace of mind.








Every purchase from Cheal Opal is dispatched using an express delivery service with a traceable shipping method and complementary insurance. Our commitment is to ensure that your opal is not only transported securely but also with the utmost regard for its value and significance.



Estimated Delivery Times:

- Domestic Express: 1-3 Days

- International Express: 2-4 Days 


Our Trusted Couriers: