Our Opal

Cheal Opal’s are the most beautiful of all opals.
Lightning Ridge Opal
At Cheal Opal, we celebrate the enchanting allure of one of nature’s most spectacular gifts: the Lightning Ridge opal. Nestled deep within the arid landscapes of New South Wales, Australia, Lightning Ridge is revered as the premier source of the world’s finest black opals. Unlike any other gem, each opal from this historic region tells a story of geological artistry, millions of years in the making.
Lightning Ridge opals are renowned for their mesmerizing beauty and exceptional rarity, setting them apart in the gem world. These opals display a breathtaking play of colour, which can include the entire spectrum from fiery reds to deep blues, seeming to dance across the stone as it moves in light. The intense, dark background of the black opal from Lightning Ridge provides a stunning contrast that enhances these colours even more vividly, creating a brilliant display that's as dramatic as it is beautiful.
Extracted from the scarce deposits of Lighting Ridge, New South Wales, each opal is a special creation of nature, shaped over millions of years under specific geological conditions. The unique circumstances under which they form make each opal a one-of-a-kind treasure, a slice of the earth’s creativity, encapsulated in a gem that’s as alluring as it is rare.
Formed over 110 million years ago when a vast sea covered inland Australia, the retreat of these waters left behind rich sedimentary deposits. As time passed, silica from decaying organic material leached into the ground, filling crevices and fossil cavities. In the unique conditions beneath Lightning Ridge, this silica transformed into a gel, crystallising over millennia into opal. Enhanced by its dark ironstone matrix, the light reflections off the microscopic silica particles embedded in the opal produce the gemstone’s vibrant play of color. With dazzling fiery reds, electric blues, and vivid greens—each gem is a miniature masterpiece of nature's brilliance, created through an exquisite dance of geology and time.
Possessing a Cheal Opal is not just a piece of jewellery but an acquisition of a rare artifact of natural artistry, never to be seen again.
The Cheal Opal Journey
Our journey with these opals begins at the very heart of their origin. Cheal Opal is not just a brand; we are a legacy of miners, artists, and family. At Cheal Opal, we source our gems directly from our own mine in the legendary fields of Lightning Ridge, where each opal is unearthed with meticulous care to preserve its raw beauty and integrity. This direct mining approach ensures that every piece of opal we offer is not only authentic but also reflects a deep connection to its ancient Australian origins.
The magic unfolds further as these raw stones are brought to our cutting and polishing studios. Here, our skilled craftsmen carefully hand-cut and polish each opal to reveal its unique colour play and mesmerising patterns. This meticulous process enhances the natural beauty of the opals, ensuring that the fire within each piece is ready to ignite the imagination of those who see it.
In the design phase, imagination takes flight as we merge contemporary aesthetics with the opal's natural brilliance, conceptualising pieces that not only highlight the stone's brilliance but also complement Cheal Opal’s unique jewellery style.
Our skilled jewellers then meticulously set each polished opal into its bespoke design, crafting settings that secure and showcase the gem's radiance, ensuring each finished piece is a wearable work of art.
The final chapter of our journey culminates with you. When a Cheal Opal piece finds its home, it's not just a transaction, but the beginning of a new legacy—a celebration of beauty and nature that you carry with you.
Our Opal
When you choose a piece of Cheal Opal jewellery, you’re not just purchasing a gemstone; you’re acquiring a piece of the Earth’s mystery. Each opal in our collection is solid, natural, and untreated—preserved exactly as it was found in the ancient earth of Lightning Ridge. Our commitment to authenticity and quality means that no two pieces are alike, each one a testament to both nature’s randomness and our focused craftsmanship.
We invite you to explore the World of Cheal Opal, where luxury meets legacy and every opal tells a story.
Discover the depth and drama of Lightning Ridge through our opals and let the journey of each stone captivate your heart and adorn your life with its unparalleled beauty.